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Stable Lsotope Labeled Peptides

ONTORES Peptides is committed to the highest quality of stable isotope labeled peptides manufacturing. Stable isotope labeled peptides is developed as a useful tools for quantitative peptide analysis or protein structure and dynamics determination by mass spectrometry (MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy due to they have known molecular weight difference.

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Label Options

2H (deuterium), 15N, 13C, 15N and 13C combinations

Below lists is the most common stable isotopically labeled amino acids that can be used for the synthesis of peptides with stable isotopes containing carbon 13 (13C), Nitrogen 15 (15N) and Deuterium (2H). Other labeled amino acids are available upon request. 

Amino Acid Code Isotope Mass Difference Isotopic enrichment
Alanine Ala(A) U- 13C3, U-15N +4 Da >99%
Arginine Arg(R) U- 13C6, U-15N4 +10 Da >99%
Isoleucine Ile(I) U- 13C6, U-15N +7 Da >99%
Leucine Leu(L) U- 13C6, U-15N +7 Da >99%
Lysine Lys(K) U- 13C6, U-15N2 +8 Da >99%
Phenylalanine Phe(F) U- 13C9, U-15N +10 Da >99%
Proline Phe(p) U- 13C5, U-15N +6 Da >99%
Valine Val(V) U- 13C5, U-15N +6 Da >99%


  • Design of your peptide with the expected mass difference by choosing the plural stable isotope-labeled amino acids
  • Easy and efficient quantification of the natural peptide by MSA
  • Isotope is not radioactive
  • Possible assorted modifications such as disulfide bond formation
  • Direct analysis of samples from the living body without any prior treatments