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Special Amino Acid Modification

Special amino acids and derivatives are useful tools for peptide design. ONTORES Peptides has great experience in peptide synthesis with special amino acid modification, including N-methyl amino acids, D-amino acids, β-amino acids, γ-amino acids and other unnatural amino acids and derivatives.

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{Abu} {Cys(Acm)}
{D-Abu} {D-Cys(Acm)
{Beta-Asp} {Cys(tBu)}
{D-Beta-Asp} {Cys(StBu)}
{Cit} {Cys(Nitosothiols)}
{D-Cit} {Cys(Pyrene-Maleimide)}
{Cpg} {Met(O)}
{D-Gamma-Glu} {Tyr(Et)}
{Hyp} {D-Tyr(Et)}
{Nva} {Lys(Ac)}
{D-Nva} {Lys(Dde)}
{Nle} {Gly(allyl)}
{D-Nle} {D-Gly(allyl)}
{Phg} {Ser(Octanoic acid)}
{D-Phg} {D-Ser(Octanoic acid)}
{Tle} {Ser(Lipoic acid)}
{Arg(Me)2} {3-Ala(2-thienyl)-OH}
Symmetrical {3-Ala(3-thienyl)-OH}
{Arg(Me)2} {N-Me-Ala}
Asymmetrical {N-Me-Asp}
{Arg(Me)} {N-Me-Glu}
{Cys(Me)} {N-Me-Gly}
{Thr(Me)} {N-Me-Leu}
{Ser(Me)} {N-Me-Met}
{Lys(Me)} {N-Me-Ile}
{Lys(Me2)} {N-Me-Nle}
{Lys(Me3)} {N-Me-Nva}
{Orn(Me)3} {N-Me-Phe}
{Tyr(Me)} {N-Me-Ser}
{L-1-Me-Trp} {N-Me-Thr}
{L-2-Me-Trp} {N-Me-Tyr}
{D-2-Me-Trp} {N-Me-Val}