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Custom Peptide Synthesis

ONTORES provides highest quality peptide synthesis services with a success rate well above the industry standard (>98%). Since our inception in 2009, we have produced more than 100,000 customized peptides for the biomedical research community, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies and have consistently met the highest peptide standards in terms of quality, service, and technical capability. With over 5 years of strong peptide synthesis and research experience, we have developed highly specific expertise to synthesize with various types of modified and difficult peptides. With a diverse range of modifications available for peptides, we routinely meet our clients' specifications with unusual, custom made peptides.

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  • Highest quality at the most competitive pricing
  • High Success Rate >98%
  • Fast Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks
  • Synthesis up to 100 amino acid residue
  • Quantity from mg to kg
  • Different Purity Level: Crude, desalted, >70%, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%,>95%, >98% and >99%
  • MS , HPLC, Certificate of Analysis and Route of Synthesis can be provided every lot of peptide order
  • Variety of Modifications available from us

Our Competitive Edge

  • Affordable Pricing System: Pricing can be weighed below customer budget and difficult level of the projects.
  • Unmatched Customer Service: Our staffs are very good listeners and they are keen to provide professional advice to requirement encountered in your scientific projects.
  • Non-compromised Quality: HPLC and MS reports are provided for all customized peptides to ensure the purity and confirm the identity.
  • High and Guaranteed Success Rate: Our >98% level is well above Industry Standards
  • Fast Delivery Leadtime: within 2-3 weeks and saving a lot of waiting time for researchers
  • Synthesis Capability: Peptides up to 120 amino acids can be synthesized without sacrificing quality.
  • Diverse and Versatile Capacity : Scaling up from mg to kilogram level and remain consistency in quality is essential for customer in different phases of the drug discovery projects.
  • Purities tailored to Applications: We can offer from Crude to >98% purity dependent on end user application and requirement.
  • Reliable Analytical Testing: Besides MS and HPLC, many other analytical testing included those required for therapeutic peptides are also available on your request.
  • Free Services as part of our commitment: Peptide Antigen Design and Aliquoting are provided FREE of Charge at no additional cost