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Phosphopeptides/Sulfated Peptides


Peptides containing phospho-serine,phospho-threonine and/or phospho-tyrosine are useful in replicating phospho-protein downstream effects.ONTORES Peptides can provide vone,two or multiple phospholation sites phosphopeptides to meet researcher different needs via uses protected and modified phosphoamino-acid:Fmoc- AA(PO(OBzl)OH)-OH (AA=Ser,Thr or Tyr).

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{Di-sites in sequence}
{Tri-sites in sequence}
{4-sites in sequence}

Sulfated peptides

Sulfurylation at Ser,Thr and Tyr is another modifcation of amino acids in nature.Activity of many enzymes depends on the oxidation state of SH-groups in these residues.