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Multiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs)

Multiple Antigenic Peptide is a one efficient way to produce high-titer anti-peptide antibodies and synthetic peptide vaccines. This system utilizes the α- and Σ-amino groups of lysine to form a backbone to which multiple peptide chains can be attached. Depending on the number of lysine tiers, different numbers of peptide branches (2, 4, 8, or others) can be synthesized. Their high molecular weights are suitable for immunizing without conjugation to a carrier protein.

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  • 10-15 mer peptides required on average
  • Suitable for N-terminal or internal peptide response and Not favored in C-terminal peptide response
  • Cysteines can cause low yield
  • Not suitable for further purification
  • Chemical structures are defined
  • Choice of 4-branch, 8 branch, and others
  • Choice of mono-epitope or di-epitope


  • Valuable for studies of immunology and vaccine studies
  • Does not require the use of a carrier protein to elicit antibody response
  • Increased coating efficiency on solid surface
  • Enhanced detection sensitivity for solid phase immunoassay
  • MAP-4

  • MAP-8