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Quality Management

Striving towards high expectation in quality of products and services is Our philosophy. ONTORES is dedicated to provide high quality chemically synthesized peptide products to the customers worldwide. Our quality systems are strictly compliant to ISO 9001:2008 guidelines as well as ICH Q7a requirement. Our Quality department is well equipped with right analytical and quality tools to ensure all customers get the best products and services from us.

In order to provide best products and services for our clients, Ontores is equipped with strict quality inspection standards and advanced instruments, such as Waters 2695, Agilent 1100, AB 3200 QTRAP LC/MS/MS system, Waters Prep LC controller.

Quality Inspection Report

Quality Report by MS

Quality Report by HPLC

Customers can get research reports as well as the quality testing reports on their customized peptides. If you have any further questions, please email us at peptides@ontores.com and our technical staff will try their best to answer any questions with regards to your peptide.

Besides the usual HPLC, MS, Certificate of Analysis and synthesis report already provided for the customer’s customized peptides, we can also offer even more analytical tests upon request:

Solubility Amino Acid Composition
Melting point pH
Optical Rotation FTIR
Peptide Content Primary Counter Ion
Residual TFA Content Water Content
Peptide Sequencing Metal analysis

Wish to have more information or request a quote, kindly contact us at sales@ontores.com.