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Peptide Library

Peptide Library is ideal for screening and epitope scanning. We can produce 48-576 peptides in one single production cycle at very low cost, conveniently freeze dried in 8 x 12 microtitre trays or individually numbered vials ready for use. Typically 1 - 2mg of each peptide is provided and quality is verified by mass spectrometry.

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Peptide Library Service Specifications

Crude Peptide Library Purified Peptide Library
Length 5-20aa 5-20aa
Purity Crude Desalted to 98%
Quantity Crude 1-5 mg,6-10mg,11-20mg, 20mg above
Turnaround Time 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
Minimum Order Size Not less than 24 peptides Not less than 24 peptides
QC/QA HPLC, MS, COA for each peptide