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Peptide therapeutics: current status and future directions

Published: 2017-01-03

Keyword: peptide therapeutics,SWOT, rational design,GLP-1,CPP

Literature:Drug Discovery Today, IF 5.625

Keywords:peptide therapeutics, SWOT, rational design, GLP-1, CPP

Background:Peptides are recognized for being highly selective and efficacious and, at the same time, relatively safe and well tolerated. Given that the low-hanging fruits in the form of obvious peptide targets have already been picked, it has now become necessary to explore new routes beyond traditional peptide design. Examples of such approaches are multifunctional and cell penetrating peptides, as well as peptide drug conjugates. Here, we discuss SWOT analysis of peptides as medicines, and emerging new opportunities in peptide drug design and development.



Figure 1 Analysis of SWOT of naturally occurring peptides in their use as therapeutics


       Conclusions CurrentlyThere are about 60 peptide drugs are proven by FDA, over 140 peptides are during clinical research and around 500 peptides are investigated pre-clinically. Peptide drugs have promising prospects due to their potent and specific, yet safe, mode of action.


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